Texas Commodities

A calendar of planting and harvesting by commodity and area

Click on a commodity in the table below for planting and harvesting dates, or click on a region of the Texas map to get a list of commodities grown in the region. For more information on these and other commodities, click on Extension Specialists in the button bar below the commodities table.


Apples Blueberries Broccoli Cabbage
Cantaloupes, Watermelons Cauliflower Corn Cotton
Forages, Hay Grain Sorghum Grapefruits Grapes
Lettuce Oats Onions Oranges
Peaches Peanuts Pecans Potatoes
Pumpkins Rice Soybeans Spinach
Sugar Beets Sugarcane Sweetpotatoes Wheat


Diagram:  Texas planting / harvest areas Diagram:  Texas planting / harvest areas
1. East Texas
2. Upper Gulf Coast
3. South Texas
4. Texas Panhandle
5. Central Texas
6. West Texas


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Central Texas East Texas Upper Gulf Coast South Texas West Texas Texas Panhandle